We strive to make sure our website www.atmain.in is updated and reflecting the latest prices and stock position of our products and we have invested time and efforts in it to make a user friendly experience for all our customers.

We try to ensure a pleasant experience but also concede there are several factors beyond our control that may affect your experience. We explicitly confirm that these may be considered part and parcel of online shopping and that we cannot be held liable from inconveniences, traumas, losses, monetary or otherwise, injuries or death arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of the usage of the services.


We take care to ensure proper functioning of this website but it is beyond our power to ensure 24/7/365 functionality and we also cannot claim with certainty that the hosting server, the payment processing servers, and any other server that is used to store, process and/or transmit data will be free of viruses or other harmful elements, free from being hacked or hacked, free from interception or intercepted by criminal elements.

 Functionality issues and limitations of the website can include but are not limited to :

 Product Representation

Product photos uploaded on the website might not give a true sense of the size of product, colours of the product, weight of product or the finishing of the product and any other relevant characteristics which may be important in the purchase of the product. The images uploaded may sometimes not show a variants of the product, design or specification changes of the product too

 Availability, Editions and Pricing of Product

There can be chances of a mismatch of inventory, mismatch of prices, mismatch in editions or dates of publications or manufacturing. While we supply the latest stock available with us the website may not always have the updated photo or description of the same

 Reasonable Typographical Errors, Incomplete Date, Pricing Mistakes

Items uploaded may have typographical errors in description and name but it will not refer to different product or a different variant of a product. Pricing mistakes can also occur while updating or uploading a products prices from time to time but it will not mean that the goods offered are at discounts or overcharged or free of cost. Goods will always be sold at MRP and/or printed prices wherever it is applicable.  

 Hosting, Third-Party Apps, Third-Party Links

The website makes use of certain Third-Party apps, add-ons, plug-ins and solutions. The website may contain links to Third-Party Websites. While we strive to make our website safe and have some control over it we are not able to guarantee the safety of third party solutions and third party links. Such websites and website solutions rendered to you and to us by the solution providers are beyond our control and they have their own policies.

Payment Gateway

We make use of reputed payment gateways to accept the payment. We are able to despatch your orders on the transaction alerts received from the payment gateway solution providers as all orders require pre-payment. However in the event of a payment failure happening we cannot be held liable for the same. We make use of a third party solution to process the payments and the transactions taking place are then governed by the terms and conditions of the third party payment gateway providers. 

> if your account is debited once and we do not receive payment we will be unable to process order and the order will be put on hold temporarily and reviewed until payment is settled. 

> If your account is debited twice and we receive payment twice we are able to refund the excess amount paid after deducting the banking charges, transaction charges and payment gateway charges. 

> if your account is debited twice and we receive payment only once we will be able to despatch the order for which payments have been received. 

 We therefore reiterate that the full responsibility for use of our site lays with the a visitor and/or user of the services and explicitly state that we are not liable for any negative outcomes coming from it including but not limited to inconveniences, privacy breach, traumas, losses; monetary or otherwise, injuries or death arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of the usage of the services. All content provided are provided on an “as is” basis and due diligence if required can be conducted by the visitor and/or users of our services. We do not claim directly or indirectly, expressed or implied accuracy of information of the prices, descriptions, names, content and any other characteristics of the products on display in the website. We reserve the right to update our website at any time and also reserve the right to cancel purchase requirements and orders placed on us out of erroneous prices, non-availability, ambiguity of product or any other reasons.

Any errors are unintentional and for bringing errors to our notice please contact us at : atmain@gmail.com